The CQ DL set

18 December

The CQ DL set

We will ship the first RF-Bricks of the MHz and GHz series soon. RF MHz Brick LOG Powermeter LF-500MHz With a full dynamic range of round about -75dBm to +15dBm it´s possible to measure the rf power of a rf system. Because of the high dynamic range this brick also allows for the measuring of receiver circuits. […]

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10 December

Our Golem article

“In times of Arduino & Co it seems like classical electronic learning sets are over. But because of that basic teaching is suffering. We wanted to find our if ALLNET is able to create the connection between tradition and state-of-the-art.” That´s how the article starts (translated into english). We were very happy that Golem wrote about […]

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4 November

Small bricks beneath network, video and UC

Thursday, October 29., Castle Nymphenburg – ALLNET ICT Solution Day Once again ALLNET organized it’s in-house exhibition called ICT Solution Day in the middle of Munich. Year-on-year the ancient castle hosts a colourful mixture of ALLNET’s manufacturers and self-developed products in the fields of video surveillance, unified communications (UC) and enterprise networks. Besides the new […]

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30 October

CFCamp: Bricks cold fused

Traditionally at the CFCamp 2015, Cold Fusion is the major topic. But meanwhile we have different worlds joining, the world of the things and the world of internet. That was the topic of this lecture: How to join the two worlds to form the internet of things. Therefore it’s necessary to connect hardware to software. […]

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27 October

Bricks in the desert

Bricks are now available in the UAE! This year, we´ve been to Gitex in Dubai with our distributor Sitec. Together with notable vendors like Ferrari electronic, snom, 3CX, sennheiser, ALLNET, kuando, CryptoPhone, Fanvil, akoustic arts, LINKCOM, skype for business and Patton we presented proudly the inside of all their product: The electronical components in the […]

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8 October

Bricks at Maker Faire Berlin

Nearly 8.000 attendees visited the Maker Faire Berlin during 3rd and 4th of October 2015 at Postbahnhof, an indicator for the demand of new ideas not only for technophiliac people. The BrickRknowledge team was able to present and explain the nearly infinite possible solutions of the Brick Sets and modules. Independent if younger or elder, […]

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7 October

Word Clock

There are no limits with the brand new DIY set. This World Clock requires only a few components. In the red brick is a Real Time Clock (RTC), which is working as a clock generator. We are using a 8×8 LED Matrix as a display, which is controlled by a ATmega328P. With a button it´s easy to […]

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29 September

Fox hunting with bricks

ARDF: Amateur Radio Direction Finding. At the Foxhunting in the Berglwald region next to Munich, 10 foxes – distributed in a wood area- must be found. There are 5 larger and 5 small foxes. The “fox” is a small transmitter, using morse code to identify it. Within 2 hours all foxes need to be found. […]

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22 September

Let’s build 8 Bit

Why doing ‘Let’s build’? Well, just because it’s such great fun and reminds us of our own childhood. It all started with a large box with Brick’R’knowledge RGB Bricks standing in the middle of our office. We racked our brains to figure out what to do with this amount of Bricks. We plugged creative designs […]

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15 September

New sensorbricks

Since at the moment there is no faire or event, I decided to introduce two new Bricks. Both of them have a similar purpose, namely to integrate existing sensors for the Arduino as well as other components that require the assemble onto a coble, into our Brick ‘R’ knowledge system. Firstly we have the D/A Sensorbrick, […]

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