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The relay as switch

by Julia Bauer In this example we use our relay as a switch. The ... 详情 1


by Julia Bauer A relay is an electromagnetically operated switch.... 详情 0

Timer 555 as voltage generator

by Julia Buaer Caution: The transistor can produce health-hazardo... 详情 2

timer monostable

by Julia Bauer With the timer-brick it is easy to implement a mon... 详情 0

Timer astable

by Mario Gugglberger The operational amplier is also used to generate o... 详情 0

AND circuit with transistors

by Julia Bauer In the last experiment, we have found out the nega... 详情 0

NOR circuit

by Jane Smith The NOR (Not Or) function is in addition to the NA... 详情 0

NAND circuit with transistors

by Jane Smith The NOT AND (NAND) operation is one of the most wi... 详情 0

OR with diodes

by Jane Smith Its also easy to implement an OR circuit. This is ... 详情 0

AND with diodes

by Julia Bauer An AND operation is implemented with diodes. At th... 详情 0

Timer 555 as voltage generator

by Sophie Seewald The timer 555-brick specifies the frequency, which... 详情 0

Timer 555 bistable – alternative 2

by Sophie Seewald The timer 555-brick can also be connected in a dif... 详情 0